My big fat Ketogenic diet. Week 2

I’m feeling very positive about my second week on the ketogenic diet and I really think that I’m starting to get the swing of things. I’ve really been enjoying all the high fat foods that I previously would of avoided, especially if I was tracking my calorie intake. It’s these high levels of fat in the diet that have proved to be very satiating so that I’ve never felt that I’ve been struggling to adhere to it.

Using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and macros, I’ve been able to hit about 1800 calories every day this week and I’ve managed to lose 3.5lbs which I’m pretty happy with especially as I haven’t felt hungry at any point.

Another reason to be pleased with my progress is that, over the weekend, not only did I manage to dodge a bag of Doritos which my wife was tucking into I also had a meal out in a restaurant without any issues and most importantly without feeling that I was missing out on anything.

I also managed to do a bit more training this week which no doubt has helped my results. I’ve starting kettlebell training under the tuition of the awesome Fionnbharr Toolan from Virtu which I’ll do a separate post about.

So far everything is moving in the right direction and I’m feeling really positive about the week to come.





Total loss


14st 9



14st 6.5




14st 3



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